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Elementary Schools:

Brookdale http://brookdale.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=596
LMC Director: Lisa Furstenau     LMC Assistant: Tracey Perna


Brooks http://brooks.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=659

Brooks LMC Blog: http://brookslmc.blogspot.com/
LMC Director: Rebecca Stewart      LMC Assistant: Kim Gough


Builta http://builta.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=642
LMC Director: Jill De Farno     LMC Assistant: Diane Sorenson


Clow http://clow.ipsd.org/lmc.html
LMC Director: Nicole Fader     LMC Assistant: Diane Sorenson


Cowlishaw http://cowlishaw.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=371
LMC Director: Marzenna Chmielecki     LMC Assistant: Michele Wright


Fry http://fry.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=456
LMC Director: Michelle Loughran     LMC Assistant: Jeanette Skrip


Georgetown http://georgetown.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=71
LMC Director: Vicki Pattermann     LMC Assistant: Sandy Sweeney


Gombert http://gombert.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=553
LMC Director: Gayl Smith     LMC Assistant: Tracie Hunt-Binetti


Graham http://graham.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=572
LMC Director: Michelle Shiles    LMC Assistant: Jeanette Skirp


Kendall http://kendall.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=744
LMC Director: Rhonda Jenkins    LMC Assistant: Jean Sassano


Longwood http://longwood.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=500
LMC Director: Donna Kouri     LMC Assistant: Kathi Thompson 


McCarty http://mccarty.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=760
LMC Director: Rhea McVey     LMC Assistant: Tracie Hunt-Binetti


Owen http://owen.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=681
LMC Director: Tina McHale     LMC Assistant: Jean Sassano


Patterson http://patterson.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=60
LMC Director: Dawn Maly       LMC Assistant: Michele Wright


Peterson http://peterson.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=431
LMC Director: Ann Schimmoler     LMC Assistant: Teri Saindon


Spring Brook http://springbrook.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=241

Blog http://springbrooklmc.blogspot.com/
LMC Director: Natalie Hoyle     LMC Assistant: Tracey Perna


Steck http://steck.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=698
LMC Director: Janeen Christakes  LMC Assistant: Kim Gough


Watts http://watts.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=541
LMC Director: Lauren May     LMC Assistant: Kathie Thompson


Welch http://welch.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=231
LMC Director: Lynn Domek     LMC Assistant: Michelle Connolly


White Eagle http://whiteeagle.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=209
LMC Director: Dawn Vieira    LMC Assistant:  Michelle Connolly


Young http://young.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=625
LMC Director:  Blaire Ranucci     LMC Assistant: Gendy Jaramillo




Middle Schools:

Crone http://crone.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=810
LMC Director: Mary Yockey   LMC Assistant: Paige Casey


Fischer http://fischer.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=325
LMC Director: Lindsey Kinczyk     LMC Assistant: Robyn Panko


Granger http://granger.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=869
LMC Director: Lynne White     LMC Assistant: Ann Hoskins


Gregory http://gregory.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=411
LMC Director: Esther Bevan     LMC Assistant: Mary Ann Leitch


Hill http://hill.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=836
LMC Director: Mimi Raczak           LMC Assistant: Sheila Chelstrom


Scullen http://scullen.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=821
LMC Director: Angela Weigard      LMC Assistant: Mary Ann Leitch


Still http://still.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=856
LMC Director: Christine Hogan     LMC Assistant: Ann Hoskins



High Schools: 

Metea http://mvhs.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=365
LMC Director: Debra Turner     LMC Assistants: Janet Wolverton, Mary Lynne Stoller, Inge Fasshauer


Neuqua and Neuqua Gold http://nvhs.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=14
NVHS LMC Director: Eric Bodwell                LMC Assistants: Annette James, Peggy Ragusa, Inge Fasshauer

NVHS Gold LMC Director: Carrie Ory      LMC Assistants: Sue Foster


Waubonsie http://wvhs.ipsd.org/Subpage.aspx?id=95
LMC Director: Nancy Danforth    LMC Assistants: Carol Coleman, Deb Nieman, Robin Panko



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