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Indian Prairie School District 204
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Date Title
2/7/2011 Parent Diversity Advisory Council Meeting [District-wide]
8/6/2011 Loaves & Fishes Back To School Fair [District-wide]
9/17/2011 Science Project Ideas Open House [District-wide]
9/20/2011 Parent Diversity Advisory Council Meeting [District-wide]
10/5/2011 Parenting Precocious Children and Teens [District-wide]
10/12/2011 Empowering Parents in the Age of Cyberspace [District-wide]
10/12/2011 Early Dismissal 10-12-11 [District-wide]
10/18/2011 Parent Diversity Advisory Council Meeting [District-wide]
10/18/2011 Special Needs Resource Fair [District-wide]
10/24/2011 Internet Safety and Cyberbullying [District-wide]
10/27/2011 Adult Employment Options for Individuals with Disabilities [District-wide]
11/8/2011 IPPA PTA meeting [District-wide]
11/10/2011 Nov. 10- Parent/Teacher Conferences- NO SCHOOL [District-wide]
11/14/2011 Rachel's Challenge [District-wide]
11/16/2011 Internet Safety and Technology Workshop [District-wide]
11/19/2011 IPEF Presents Jack and the Beanstalk [District-wide]
12/4/2011 The State of STEM Education [District-wide]
12/5/2011 Parent Diversity World Cafe [District-wide]
12/13/2011 PDAC Meeting [District-wide]
12/17/2011 IPEF presents The Santa Claus Caper [District-wide]
1/17/2012 PDAC Meeting CANCELED [District-wide]
1/18/2012 Adult ESL Registration [District-wide]
1/23/2012 Adult ESL Registration [District-wide]
2/7/2012 Parent Diversity Advisory Council Meeting [District-wide]
3/6/2012 IPPA PTA meeting [District-wide]
3/7/2012 Student Summer Activities Fair [District-wide]
3/13/2012 Parent Diversity Advisory Council Meeting [District-wide]
4/5/2012 Community Forum on Drugs [District-wide]
4/11/2012 Parent Diversity Advisory Council Dialogue Circle [District-wide]
4/19/2012 Transition Planning Informational Series: Part 4 [District-wide]
4/24/2012 IPPA PTA meeting [District-wide]
5/19/2012 Fine Arts Festival [District-wide]
6/11/2012 District 204 Students Perform at Fundraiser [District-wide]
7/9/2012 Olympic Send-off for WVHS Grad [District-wide]
8/15/2012 Kindergarten Preview Day [District-wide]
8/23/2012 Classes begin [District-wide]
9/3/2012 No School - Labor Day [District-wide]
9/4/2012 No School - Building Articulation [District-wide]
9/18/2012 Indian Prairie Special Needs PTA Meeting [District-wide]
10/5/2012 IPSN Bingo Night [District-wide]
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